Mr. Raeel Akhatov, Hereditary Healer

A method of the so - called Untraditional Medicine, which has proved its right to exist since ancient times, is what we want to offer to Your attention now.

The more a man gets to know about his consciousness and divine reality, the better he realizes the necessity to resort to the Untraditional Medicine (as an alternative to the officially recognized Allopathic One).
The Bioenergocorrection is a method of the U.M., which signifies increasing of a man's energetic field, cleaning and rehabilitating of the charkas system, rapid restoring of the efficiency of diseased organs, reinforcing of the immune system of a man.

The method of the Bioenergohealing makes it possible to normalize the inner cranium and blood pressure, to solve the ear-nose-throat problems, to cure the bronchial asthma and cardiac diseases as well as these of the alimentary canal (liver, gall - bladder, pancreas, spleen, intestines). It allows to get rid of the problems of the genitor - urinary system (urethra, urinary - bladder, genitals) and of diseases of rheumatics character, ulcers and mortification processes, etc.

A hereditary Healer Raeel Akhatov, mastering the bioenergy, having over 10 years healing experience and the Diploma of the International Alternative Healing School (Russia, St. Petersburg) will make successful headway to your Health.

Don't stay alone with your troubles, let us help you! If you got any questions, suggestions or you want to take healing course, please mail Raeel Akhatov at: [email protected]